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Party Time

Event Photo Sharing 


It just works, better.

Shoot. Roaming or stationary photo moments,

or both at the same time.


Spot. Upon providing their number or email via

QR code or manual entry, guest can opt-in to

private photo delivery to their device. Each user

generates their own private gallery which grows

as one continues to get spotted by one or more

photo activations throughout an event


Share. We cloud-enable camera systems

allowing guests to instantly and privately have

their pick of branded photos to share as they please. Clients can also receive real-time access

to the full photo stream.


Easy to Use.

Implement with your photography team OR

turn to our global network of SpotMyPhotos

partner photographers.


Universal Compatibility

All major camera brands are supported,

enabling real-time streaming

or latent approved sharing

workflows for your event.


Next Gen Automation.

Booths and Beyond

Directly integrates with any modern

photo booth. Touchless automated

private photo delivery. No need to

enter numbers into photo booths directly

one time, let alone over and over again!


QR Code Registration

One of our many registration options, QR code

enrollment allows quests to register before, during or

after a given event. OR codes can be used as a primary

method of enrollment or can compliment sharing

stations or staff facilitated registration if used at all.

Party with mixing table

Welcome to the EASIEST


way to share event photos.


• Roaming and Stationary Photography

• Professional Headshot Studios

• Photo Booth Stations with Printing

• Combine Photo Streams into One Experience


Beyond Facial Recognition.


• Privacy-First Approach

• Instant or Approved Distribution Modes

• Industry-Leading Recognition (Spotting)

• Seamless End-to-End Experience

• Simple Guest Sign Up

• Touchless Interaction

• Custom Branded Overlavs & Microsite

• Analytics

• Host Photo Stream Access

• Audience Insights


 Additional Features:

• Multiple Photographers

• On-Site Printing

• Sharing Stations

• Slideshow

• Survey & Custom Disclaimer

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